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Degree Dissertations:

1999 Technician in electronics and eletrotechnical - Conclusion Dissertation: Frame to add a touch sensor to computer screens

• 2005 B.Sc. Dissertation: Automated System for Registration of Electrical Power Distribution Equipment
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• 2009 M.Sc. Dissertation: Lightning Overvoltage’s in Medium Voltage Lines
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• 2006-2008 Conductors and Cables for Low, Medium and High Voltage
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• 2006-2008 Splice and Terminations for High Voltage Cables
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Research and Development:

2002-2004 - PCA: Distribution Reliability Analysis Program

2004-2006 - Voltage Impulse Digitizer with 12 bits and 400 MS/s

2006-2009 - DAD: Lightning Assessment in Electric Distribution Feeders

• 2010 - InovGrid: Evolution of Distribution Networks for Smart Grids to EDP Portugal
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• 2011 - Road map for Development of Wind Production Forecast System to ONS (National System Operator) Brazil
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• 2011 - European Project: EV-Merge - Preparing the European Powerlines for Electric Vehicles
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2012 - SPD Class III - Surge Suppressor Device for Sensitive Electronic Equipment

2014 - SPD Class III - Surge Suppressor Device with Galvanic Isolation for Sensitive Electronic Equipment

More to come...

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