Eng. M.Sc. Marco Aurélio M. Saran

Marco Aurélio Moreira Saran

► Resume:

Professional, adaptable and with a strong team spirit.

Experience with reliability, protection, insulation coordination, planning and maintenance of distribution networks.

Knowledge in renewable energy generation, with experience in the specification and development of individual and global production forecast systems.

Aptitude in adaptation of networks of distribution for smart metering, smart grids, multi-microgrids and inclusion of electric vehicles.

Ability to teach classes and courses with experience in courses of: conductive materials, insulation, wires and cables of low, medium and high voltage; Electrical machines and tests: motors and transformers; Medium and high voltage tests, destructive and non-destructive in electrical materials and equipment: cables, insulators, surge arresters, transformers and energy quality.

Programmer in C and MATLAB of artificial intelligence systems and metaheuristics.

Knowledge in state estimation and processing of raw data: SCADA, PMU.

Competence to perform laboratory tests on electrical equipment and materials, as well as field tests for predictive maintenance.

► Educational Background:

• 2009-Present - PhD in Electrical Engineering - Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto - Porto, Portugal

• 2006-2009 - MSc in Electrical Engineering with emphasis on Electrical Power Systems - Federal University of Itajubá - MG, Brazil

• 2001-2005 - Electrical Engineering with emphasis on Electrical Power Systems - Federal University of Itajubá - MG, Brazil

• 1996-2000 - Electrotechnical Technician by State University of Campinas - Technical High-School

► Professional Experiences:

• 2019-Present - IFRS (Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Rio Grande do Sul) - Ibirubá Campus - Ibirubá, RS, Brazil


Ministering disciplines for mechanical engineering and electrical technician.

• 2017-2019 - FURB (Regional University of Blumenau) - Blumenau, SC, Brazil

Substitute Professor:

Ministering the following disciplines for electrical engineering and telecommunications: Circuits I and II, Transformers, Electric Machines: Motors and Generators, Electrical Energy Quality, Transmission Lines and Power Systems Laboratory.

• 2009-2015 - INESC Tec (INESC Porto) - Porto, Portugal

Research Associate and PhD:

Participate in projects to specify the requirements and desired performance of a renewable production forecast for the Brazilian System Operator (ONS).

Development of a technique for the forecast of electric renewable energy production.

Take part in European projects to evaluate the development of smart grids, microgrids, inclusion of renewable micro production, such as: Portuguese Utility (EDP) InovGrid.

Contribute in European projects to assess the impact and adaptations for the inclusion of electric vehicles to electric power distribution systems, such as: European Union Merge.

Development of artificial intelligence applications for electrical power systems.

• 2004-2009 - High Voltage Laboratory (LAT-EFEI), Prof. Dr. Manuel Luiz Barreira Martinez, da Federal University of Itajubá - MG , Brazil

Research Associate and MSc:

Development of a program to analyze the performance of medium voltage distribution networks against direct and induced lightning discharges, including performance analysis of different overhead distribution line configurations.

Ministry of courses for improvement and recycling of technicians for Petrobras outsourced in: Tests in Electrical Equipment; Materials, Wires and Cables of Low, Medium and High Voltage; Splice, Joints and Terminations in Medium and High Voltage Cables.

Participation in regulatory agency (ANEEL) R&D projects in cooperation with electric power utilities.

Destructive and non-destructive tests of high voltage in electrical materials and equipment.

Aid to undergraduate students and trainees.


Development of a handheld program with the aim of automating and recording the distribution network tests and measurements in the field from ultrasound and radio interference.

Participation in regulatory agency (ANEEL) R&D projects in cooperation with electric power utilities.

Destructive and non-destructive tests of high voltage in electrical materials and equipment.

• 2002-2004 - Consulte Engineering Ltda, Prof. Dr. Airton Violin - Itajubá, MG, Brazil


Development of a program to assess medium voltage distribution network’s reliability, calculating indexes individually to each feeder.

• 2000-2000 - 3M do Brasil - Sumaré, SP, Brazil

Internship in the electrical products sector:

Intern at the High Voltage Laboratory and in the Products and Materials Laboratory: testing for product analysis and development.

► Courses, Workshops and Lectures:

• Surges in Electrical Systems: Topics in Surges, Electromagnetic Transients and Simulations

Prof. Dr. Manuel Luiz Barreira Martinez, Federal University of Itajubá, Brazil

Itajubá - MG, Brazil

• Advanced Topics in DC Machines

Prof. Dr. Délvio Franco Bernardes, Federal University of Itajubá, Brazil

Itajubá - MG, Brazil

• Thermographic Applications: Thermographics, Technical, Thermovision Inspections

SKF Reliability Systems and FLIR Systems

Itajubá - MG, Brazil

• Lightning Discharges: Topics on lightining discharges and impacts on power systems

Prof. Ph.D. Vladimir A. Rakov, University of Florida, EUA

São Paulo - SP, Brazil

• Protection of Transmission and Distribution Systems against Atmospheric Discharges

Prof. Ph.D. Carlo Alberto Nucci, University of Bologne, Italy

Zagreb - Croatia

• Power Systems Security: Challenges in the New Industrial Environment, Recent Experiences and Solutions

Dr. Prabha Kundur, PowerTech Labs, Canada

Zagreb - Croatia

• Electromagnetic Transients in Power System

Prof. Ph.D. Hermann Dommel, University of British Columbia, Canada

Zagreb - Croatia

• Participation in various symposia and congresses in power systems

► Award:

Third best technical contribution of CIGRÉ C4 study committee: Performance of Electric Systems: XII ERIAC - CIGRÉ Ibero-American Regional

► Softwares:

Matlab, Simulink, ATP/EMTP, C, Anarede, Anatem, Anafas, AutoCAD, Javascript, HTML 5, CSS 3, VHDL.

► Social Networks:

• Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/marcosaran

• Currículo Lattes: http://lattes.cnpq.br/6281132773203526

• Google Scholar: http://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=en&user=LquswIMAAAAJ

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